Everybody likes to think that when they get old there will be somebody there for them. Maybe a family member, maybe a friend. But for some elderly people this expectation does not become a reality.

Volunteer Latin America has a wonderful project running in Colombia, in the midst of the tropical Amazonas, in which volunteers work to enrich the lives of such elderly people.

Based in Leticia, just minutes away from the renowned Amazon River and located at the junction of the Colombian, Peruvian and Brazilian borders, volunteers have their own private facilities in either a shared bungalow or with a guest family from the local community.

Eldery home in Colombia needs Volunteers
Working for around four hours per day, volunteers organize recreational activities, creative workshops and games for the residents.

Participants are forever reporting how rewarding this work is. The residents truly love being surrounded by bright and energetic volunteers, and thrive on the activity that they provide.

Alongside supplying recreation, volunteers also assist in serving meals and drinks.
Most importantly of all, however, are the relationships that are born. Simply spending time with these elderly people means everything to them. They enjoy listening to you and they enjoy being listened to.

In order to fully participate in this project it is desirable that volunteers speak some Spanish. However it is possible for volunteers to take some additional classes in a small but professional language school.

Eldery home in Colombia needs Volunteers

This project promises to give each and every volunteer an unforgettable experience from which you can leave knowing that you have made a positive impact on the lives of some very special people.

If you consider yourself to be a creative, caring and compassionate individual, want to really learn about a different culture and to do so in a unique environment in which you can really make a difference, then this project will be perfectly suited to you.

Please see the website for more information: www.volunteerworklatinamerica.org
Or write to: info2@volunteerlatinamerica.org

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