Volunteer Work in Southamerica

Volunteer Work in Southamerica

Volunteer Work in Latin America




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  • Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Volunteer Trip

    Volunteers traveling to Latin America will need to bring different things depending on the country and type of work he or she plans on doing. However, there are some general objects that are essential for any trip. Here we describe the top 10 things to bring on your trip to volunteer in Latin America!

    Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Volunteer Trip

    Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    Volunteer Work Latin America can provide you with the information, assistance and insight you are after in order to make your volunteer experience the most impactful and meaningful. Check out the descriptions below and visit our video page to get an idea of what to expect from each project type.

    Cultural Projects. These projects are great in allowing volunteers to learn a lot about the customs, culture and traditions of local people, while at the same time making a difference to the community of which they will become part. Placements include youth groups, communal associations, cultural institutions and local media.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    Ecological Projects. Conservation often takes a back seat in poorer countries, so volunteers are crucial. The work can be physically demanding, but it is consistently rewarding. Placements include working at an eco-lodge, protecting sea turtles and educating local people about environmental issues.


    So You’re Thinking About Volunteering Abroad?

    Volunteer Project in Peru

    Volunteers at a local after school program in Cusco, Peru

    You want to volunteer abroad but are uncertain of where to begin.  There are so many thoughts and questions.  Where to go?  What type of volunteering? What do I need to bring?  What are some of the challenges? Well, never fear.  You are not alone.  There is a world of information out there for you and volunteerworklatinamerica.org is happy to help you out along this fantastic journey you are about to embark upon.

    It is important to think first about your personality, what your goals are and what type of work you want to do while abroad.  Do you speak the local language?  If not, best to start thinking about it as it will only deepen your experience when you can communicate more clearly with the people you will be serving.

    I made the decision to volunteer in Peru after I was left with the large impression on my heart that there was more to life than just corporate America.  Not speaking any Spanish, I decided it was best to take some classes first and was so glad that I did.  If you are thinking of volunteering in Cusco, Peru or Buenos Aires, check out www.amautaspanish.com. AMAUTA was a great spot to get me started on what would be the journey of a lifetime.

    In deciding what type of volunteer work I wanted to do, it was a great time to really think more thoroughly about who I am.  What skills do I have that I can share?  Do I like to work in larger groups or smaller groups?  Do I have the necessary patience to work with small children or would I work better with adults?  Perhaps, you are interested more in cultural or ecological volunteering.  With so much going on in the world today regarding global warming along with all of us needing to open ourselves up to cultural diversity, there are many projects that offer work in these fields.  Whatever your interest, goals or talents, there is something out there for you.

    It is important to think through this as you determine how to make the most out of your volunteer work for both yourself and with those that you will be working with.

    Working with volunteer placement organizations helps ensure that everything is in order, all questions are answered and you are never alone should challenges arise.  There can be no regrets if you learn to embrace the world and the people in it all.  I heard a quote once that I think sums all of it up.  “It’s not what the world brings to you, but what you bring to it.”