Volunteers traveling to Latin America will need to bring different things depending on the country and type of work he or she plans on doing. However, there are some general objects that are essential for any trip. Here we describe the top 10 things to bring on your trip to volunteer in Latin America!

Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Volunteer Trip

1. Passport and photocopies of your passport. The passport is an absolute essential travel item, but you never want to carry around your passport while in the country where you are volunteering. Keep it in a safe place and keep a photocopy of your passport on you at all times instead.

2. Bring photos of your culture. Photos of your family, house, town, animals, or other important things are nice to share with those you are volunteering with.

3. A book. Besides being enjoyable, books will help pass the time if your flight is delayed, the bus breaks down, or you cannot sleep.

4. A positive attitude. The whole reason you are volunteering is to have a positive impact so make sure you bring an optimistic outlook. Arrive eager to learn and bring a smile as well as an open mind.

5. Language dictionary. People always appreciate an effort to communicate in the local language so bring one along and use it.

6. Donations. Ask the organization’s leader what types of things would be most useful – books, clothes, money, etc.

7. Swiss Army knife. From opening a wine bottle to getting a splinter out of your finger, this is one of the most useful tools you can bring with you.

8. Camera . Photos are an excellent way to keep memories. If taking a photo of people, be sure to ask prior to snapping it.

9. Notebook . From writing down experiences and impressions to emails and travel tips, a notebook will come in handy throughout your volunteer experience.

10. Headlamp . Some of the places you may be volunteering may not have consistent electricity. Or, you may share a room with other people that want to go to sleep before you. In times like these, the headlamp is very helpful.

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