I had a wonderful experience volunteering at a clinic for mental health in Peru. I really enjoyed the freedom they gave me in the job.

I began, with beginners Spanish, making art with the lowest functioning patients. As my Spanish improved, I changed my schedule to incorporate some psychology workshops with the higher functioning patients. Observing the workshops at first, I learned about the focus of the group and before I knew it, I was leading the workshop when the nurse was not present.

Experience volunteering at a clinic for mental health in Peru

My Spanish vocabulary grew with the increased responsibility and my relations with the patients grew as well. After two months I had been through good days and bad but, overall I made a lot of friends (I even went to a concert with my co-workers), learned a lot about the mental health system in Peru, and used my Spanish in a social services setting.

What I will look back on is the strong bond I built with the patients, and the many friends I have at the project. Both are wonderful people to work with. Thanks for organizing this for me!

Jocelyn Baldor
United States

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