Volunteering with children is an extremely fun and satisfying experience. Sure, your attitude and commitment to the project are the main elements to turn your presence into a great success; however, in order to assure that both you and the children stay happy take notice of the following tips:  

  • Always try to organize activities for the whole group! Everyone must be able to join in. Eventually you can ask children to sign up beforehand and organize a workshop for a certain group. Try to avoid having your little group of favorite children and neglecting the rest of the group.
  • Tips for working with children!

  • Be able to keep a distance. It’s about organizing something, more than being liked by everyone. Usually it is very difficult for the children when you leave after four or more weeks.
  • Most children are a bit behind with learning. E.g. after four weeks of English lessons they sometimes don’t remember more than four words. That’s why continuity is very important. Try to keep a record of what you’ve taught the children for the other volunteers. 
  • Keep the activities very simple! Activities are much more difficult for some of these children than for children from westernized countries. E.g. here, many times a 10 year old child can do what a child from Europe learns when it is 7 years old.
  • Tips for working with children!

  • For children it is usually very hard to stay concentrated for a long time. So don’t organize an activity that takes too long, keep it simple and try to do different things. Tip: before starting an activity that requires a lot of attention or concentration from the children, you can organize a game that costs a lot of energy. After that it will be easier for the children to concentrate. Try to alternate between physical and concentration activities.

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