• It is very important to describe and explain every activity very clearly. In general children here are not very much stimulated to use their own fantasy or creativity, so sometimes it will be necessary to help and guide a little.
  • Learning to work together and creating a good atmosphere is often more important than the activity itself. Make the children feel comfortable and safe.
  • Tips for working with children!

  • Focus on organizing ‘fun’ activities, to give the kids something extra, something they can be proud of.
  • Most of the children are very shy. They will be afraid to say something in front of a large group. Try to make them feel relaxed.
  • If you’re working with a fixed group of children you might organize a workshop or a project for a few weeks instead of organizing one day activities. E.g. a sport competition, a theatre project, and themed exercises such as countries in the world, etc. 
  • Try to work towards goals, e.g. for the children it can be interesting to organize an exhibition or performance for the others or the parents.
  • Tips for working with children!

  • Sometimes children are not really used to clear rules. This is very important, though, e.g. cleaning up together, don’t throw your garbage on the streets, washing hands, etc.

If you have questions or would like to receive more information about our educational volunteer projects, just send us a message and we will contact shortly!

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