Everyone has something special that others want to be a part of. We may not know how to contribute to a world that can seem so broken at times, but volunteering puts us back in a place to give and receive love. There are many ways in which a volunteer can share their talents and their abilities with others around them in South America. Even if the result through giving is merely a simple smile, or a hug, never underestimate the power of how far helping others can go

If you decide to volunteer in Peru, Ecuador, or Argentina, for instance, you can start your day bright and early and head over to one of the local kindergartens. These little children come from poor backgrounds and difficult family life. Some of them were not able to have anything to eat for their breakfast and find it hard walking to school without a decent pair of shoes. Regardless, as soon as you walk into the school, the children run up to greet you and smother you with hugs and kisses. You find yourself uplifted and inspired immediately.

Volunteer in Latin American Kindergartens

After the greetings and the welcome moments are over you follow the little ones into their bright classroom. The walls reveal chipped painting, but creative projects are still hanging on the walls of happy smiley faces and the ABC’s that the children have drawn up. There is not much at the school. You see a few rusty chairs and small round tables that could use a good painting job. Still, the children are enthusiastic with eager smiles plastered on their faces.

Today, you have decided that you would like to do some face painting with the children. You have been able to pick up some small tubes of paint in the city prior to arrival and the kids are excited and ready to go! They giggle with delight as you spread the different colors over their faces. Red lips, white cheeks and designs of little hearts and animals are painted on their cheeks. After all is said and done, everyone gathers together for a photo to capture this beautiful moment that will have forever changed the lives of both you and the children.

Volunteer in Latin American Kindergartens

Becoming a volunteer in South America is an exciting and rewarding experience that will change your life.

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