Quito is a true marvel set between beautiful pacific beaches and the flanks of the snowcapped Andean mountains, looked upon by the volcano Pichincha. Due to its close proximity to the equator it is blessed with a perfect spring like climate of around 20 °C year-round.

At 2,850 meters altitude the city is referred to as the crown of the Andes, not only because it is the highest capital in the world but also due to its rich colonial heritage. An endless number of monuments, manor houses and religious abbeys filled with sparkling golden altars take up a big part of the best preserved old city center of Latin America, with the snow white cathedral on the plaza Grande as its majestic flagship.

Spotlight: Quito, Ecuador's city of eternal spring!

While the rest of the city, in its own sympathetic way has remained through and through South American with street musicians and vendors trading fresh produce everywhere, has globalization set in through the back doors of "La Mariscal". Here, in Ecuador’s biggest entertainment quarter, which seems to consist of solely bars, restaurants and clubs a fascinating vibe is going on from global backpacker influences blending in with the trendy ethnic scene.

Despite of its worldly appearance and the big hearts of the helpful population of Quito, there are many that lack even in even the most basic needs. There is no denying in the fact that a huge gap between rich and poor continues to exist. This is also not easy to overcome when 1.9 million city dwellers (or perhaps 3 million considering the growth by the minute further into a narrow stretch beyond the horizon) have to try and live together in this metropolis in one of South America’s developing countries.

Spotlight: Quito, Ecuador's city of eternal spring!

Volunteer Work Latin America programs include volunteer work at a day care center or primary school of your choice and accommodation at our international residence. Here you will live together with other volunteers and students of our partner Spanish school in Quito.

After your rewarding time volunteering in the city, being immersed in Ecuadorian culture, you are completely set to explore all the rest that this small republic has to offer. To get your imagination flowing, think only of the lush tropics in the east, the bizarre volcano world of the Sierra and last but not least: the prehistoric animal kingdom on the Galapagos Islands! 

Spotlight: Quito, Ecuador's city of eternal spring!

For more information about volunteering in Ecuador follow this link, and of course, you can always contact us for an overview of the many volunteer projects in Quito we have to offer!

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