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Volunteer Work in Southamerica

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  • The organization we work with in Costa Rica offer many opportunities for volunteers to get first-hand experience in the health sector.

    Depending on your level of knowledge, specialization, and skill, you may check blood pressure, distribute food and medicine, weigh babies, accompany emergency response vehicles, and help with other first-aid procedures.

    Examples of places where volunteers are needed are hospitals, senior care centers, the Red Cross and EBAIS (small clinics in individual communities). Assistance with public health community campaigns and other basic education can also be part of the job.

    Health program in Costa Rica – a volunteers testimonial!

    The projects provide a wonderful opportunity to doctors, nurses, medical and pre-medical students to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of Costa Rica, and they would benefit the most from this type of volunteer work.

    To already get an idea of how a specific volunteer placement is like, read the following testimonial of Christel Bauló Estevez from Spain, who completed four weeks assisting at a senior care center:


    Ecological volunteer projects need you!

    As is common in lesser developed countries ecological conservation is of no priority and under constant threat. Many local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and non-profit associations strongly rely on volunteers in numerous environmental protection, sustainability and conservation programs.

    In many cases, the main focus is on providing environmental education to locals in order to create awareness about correct preservation practices. This way, the relationship between the (industrial) society and the environment is strengthened, promoting a lifestyle that is in balance with nature.

    Ecological volunteer projects need you!

    We are continuously updating our offer of volunteering options. Currently, you can choose out of 21 ecological projects all over Latin and Central America. The following overview will give you a clear picture of what is involved being an ecological conservation volunteer:


    • National parks and bio-reserves (e.g. tropical rainforest)
    • Eco-communities (e.g. reforestation areas and greenhouses)
    • Wildlife parks and natural breeding grounds (e.g. turtle hatcheries)
    • Zoos and conservation centers (e.g. butterfly gardens and research institutes)
    • Farms or schools where conservation practices are taught and demonstrated.
    • Animal rescue shelters and nurseries.


    Tips for working with children! (Part II)

    • It is very important to describe and explain every activity very clearly. In general children here are not very much stimulated to use their own fantasy or creativity, so sometimes it will be necessary to help and guide a little.
    • Learning to work together and creating a good atmosphere is often more important than the activity itself. Make the children feel comfortable and safe.
    • Tips for working with children!

    • Focus on organizing ‘fun’ activities, to give the kids something extra, something they can be proud of.
    • Most of the children are very shy. They will be afraid to say something in front of a large group. Try to make them feel relaxed.
    • (más…)

    Tips for working with children! (Part I)

    Volunteering with children is an extremely fun and satisfying experience. Sure, your attitude and commitment to the project are the main elements to turn your presence into a great success; however, in order to assure that both you and the children stay happy take notice of the following tips:  

    • Always try to organize activities for the whole group! Everyone must be able to join in. Eventually you can ask children to sign up beforehand and organize a workshop for a certain group. Try to avoid having your little group of favorite children and neglecting the rest of the group.
    • Tips for working with children!

    • Be able to keep a distance. It’s about organizing something, more than being liked by everyone. Usually it is very difficult for the children when you leave after four or more weeks.
    • Most children are a bit behind with learning. E.g. after four weeks of English lessons they sometimes don’t remember more than four words. That’s why continuity is very important. Try to keep a record of what you’ve taught the children for the other volunteers. 
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